Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random (Countdown: Two Nights)

I am disappointed this evening. I intended to see the local firework display and mis-ordered my day so that I completely missed them. :( What is July 4th without fireworks? It's been a family tradition for years to walk down the street and see them, officially beginning the July holiday. Instead of watching with my parents, I was driving back to Ontario. I did glimpse one measly firework in the distance, but it's rather difficult to watch while I'm supposed to be driving. I think a trip to Downtown Disney (to see the Disneyland fireworks) is definitely in order.

Okay, I've vented! Let's see, other random happenings of today.

  • I realized I have given the pets nicknames. Why on earth did I do that?! Simon (cat) is Sy, Hershey (cat) is Hersh, Scruffy (dog) is Scruffs, and Snickers (dog) is the only one who retained his name. I'm not sure how that could be shortened...this thought led me to mulling over the origin of nicknames and why we humans feel the need to shorten names in the first place. But, that is a conversation for another time.
  • A fellow grad student whom I have known for 2 years stopped by work and mentioned he officially leaves for Atlanta next week. I'm happy for he and his wife but discovered that my tenure as a student is truly coming to an end. People I have voyaged with along this unknown road of graduate school are graduating and moving on with their lives. It was expected but feels strange knowing that part of my life is almost over.

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