Sunday, May 29, 2011


...fiercely patriotic.

I watched the National Memorial Day Celebration this evening; what a tearjerker. Last year at this time I was preparing to fly to D.C. for work and remember the excitement I felt knowing I would see the monuments again within a couple of days. This year I remember the memories, the thrill, and the appreciation that overwhelms me whenever I'm in our nation's capital. I recently heard screenwriter Aaron Sorkin describe his so-called love affair with Washington D.C. as being somewhat romantic. It meets his every expectation and is a thing of beauty. I know what he means. There's just something about the city that draws me in. It's humbling. Exciting. And somehow personifies what it means to be an American. Don't ask me to explain. After all these years I still can't covert this influx of emotion into words. They simply exist.


Today we salute the men and women in uniform who bravely serve our country.

And this Memorial Day, as with every other, I honor my grandfather who served on the USS Winged Arrow during World War II. Anchors Aweigh!