Friday, April 29, 2011

A Perfect Moment

Don't you just love perfect moments? You know, the ones where everything is at peace and all is right with the world? They don't come often enough but when they do they always remind me how much life exists in a mere second. Or minute.

This afternoon I took a break from work and made a bank/Starbucks run (yes, she's resorting to caffeine to get her through 3 very late nights and 1 very early morning). My perfect moment snuck up on my in the Starbies drive-through. I was in line waiting for my drink, window down, looking up at the blue sky, and listening to my current musical obsession, Matt Monro's Impossible Dream. And I had my perfect moment. In spite of all that is wrong and sad in the world, for a few minutes everything felt right and I was at perfect peace.

Did she or didn't she?

That is the question. Yes, Ladies & Gentleman, Royals & Commoners, she did. After weeks of speculation, vacillating back and forth, and almost not doing it because of my crazy week, yours truly was up at 2:30 a.m. to watch the royal wedding. What on earth possessed me to it, you ask? Because it sounded exciting. Because it's completely unlike me. And because I now have my own Charles and Diana story to tell my grandkids...let's hope this one has a happier ending.

My plan was simple: get up at 2:30 (timed to see the Queen arrive), watch wedding, and head back to bed at 4:00. (some of us still have to work...) I followed my agenda to the letter. Unfortunately, this meant two things 1) I missed the royal exit from Westminster Abbey and 2) I should have stayed up because it took me forever to get back to sleep. However, I can now say long with billions of Earthians, that I watched William and Kate become man and wife. :-)

This lovely slipper shot is proof that I was indeed watching

the festivities on the other side of the pond at 0 dark 30.

Reasons for posting this photograph?

1) It says LIVE!

2) During our visit to the Abbey we sat in the choir cloister, 2nd row,

on the left side of the screen. Talk about memories!

By now someone was getting sleepy! (and the numerous hymns did not help)

Friday, April 22, 2011

A simple trip to the local Michaels...

...turned into another Kira grand idea extraordinaire. I went to Michaels today for the sole purpose of purchasing a few supplies intended to upgrade a little project and went home with the makings to completely revamp it! Like I need something else to do! It all began when I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, finally stumbled across something else that had definite potential, and it all went downhill from there. The good news: I should be pleased with the end result.

*I would be more specific but since certain members of this blog readership are not allowed any details until mid-May I shall refrain from providing any...after the mystery event I shall elaborate in full. :-)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

All in a days work

By now you've no doubt heard me rant and rave at some point in my life about how history is *not* all about names and dates. But...even I admit dates are important, and I thought it would be fun to share a few memorable ones that took place on April 12.

First space shuttle flight:
Launch of STS-1, shuttle Columbia
April 12, 1981

The Civil War begins:
Battle of Fort Sumter
April 12, 1861

Death of a president:
Franklin D. Roosevelt dies, a mere three weeks before the United States declares victory in Europe.
April 12, 1945

Going Nuclear:
The USSR performs nuke testing in eastern Kazakhstan.
April 12, 1983

High Orbit:
Yuri Gagarin becomes the first person to orbit the earth.
April 12, 1961

The United States "officially" liberates Buchenwald concentration camp.
April 12, 1945

And last, but certainly not least...
Birth of yours truly :-)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cake Pops!

In honor of a certain day of commemoration that occurs every year at this time in my honor (aka birthday) my best friend surprised me at work with an armload of tasty treats. Unfortunately, I chose that day to take an uncharacteristic, bonafide lunch break and actually ate outside with two friends. Shocking, I know. When I got back to my office I found two cupcakes and three cake pops awaiting me...all from Patty's Cakes, a local bakery in Fullerton, California. Now, my BFF knows me WELL and bought me not one but two s'more cake pops. Think moist cake, lots of delicious marshmallows, graham cracker, and chocolate coating. AMAZING!!! Talk about a delectable experience for the taste buds! Thanks a million, friend! (note: Photo courtsey Someone forgot to bring her camera to work to photograph these beauties.)

Friday, April 8, 2011

on time in a day

It's 5:00 on a Friday evening. The weekend beckons...and I have SO much to do. For example, today/tonight I'd like to accomplish the following: 1. Photo shoot for new work brochure 2. Complete remaining 6 hours of work 3. Workout (ug) 4. Scrapbook (as in finish the page I've tinkered with for the past THREE weeks) 5. Finish/mail baby shower invitations 6. Housework (including vacuuming) 7. Watch another episode of Mad Men 8. Read 9. Print directions to Reagan Library for tomorrow What I've done: items 1 and 2. :-( What's left: 3-9 Now, there are simply nowhere near enough hours in the day to actually cross off each of these items. And I know I won't be watching TV or scrapbooking or reading. But hey, a girl can dream. (and wish she was Superwoman) I shall console myself with the words of Scarlett O'Hara. "Tomorrow is another day." P.S. My formatting is completely screwed up. Apparently Blogspot doesn't believe in the "enter" key. Great.