Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Seven: Bittersweet Musings

Today was Dr. Hansen's last day at the Center. Although he officially retired a little over a month ago, he spent the past five weeks cleaning out his office. Art finished the task today and bid farewell to his COPH family. I had no idea today was going to be his final day and had a lump in my throat as I said goodbye. Thankfully, it is not final. We have our 40th anniversary celebration coming up in September, and Dr. Hansen will certainly have a role to play in that event. However, it saddens me to think his jovial self won't be around the center on a regular basis. It has truly been a honor to work under his direction for the past two years. I honor his commitment to excellence, his steadfast drive in furthering his historical passions, and his consistent direction. He may no longer be the director for the Center for Oral and Public History, but his 42 year legacy lives on as we continue the work he so faithfully dedicated his career to. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, Dr. Hansen! Your future is bright with opportunity.

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