Friday, June 27, 2008

Day Four: Sleep Depravation

Only eight more nights. Only eight more nights. Yes, I am counting the days (and nights!) until I can be home for good. Until then, I would settle for a good nights sleep. Aside from the minor issue with oversleeping, I haven't had one good nights rest since Monday, and my body can really tell. Last night it was the cat who decided to parade through the house at all hours meowing, climbing onto the window sill behind me, etc. I mean it's dark for pete's sake. Go to sleep! But no, she had to have her say. So, I spent yet another night awake for hours. The couch is not working for a bed, and I'm going to investigate other options for this evening. Sore hips, pulled back muscles, and feeling cramped are not what the doctor ordered. I'll keep you posted on what I work out.

P.S. And here I thought sleepless nights were only for children. . .

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