Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disneyland: part one

Saturday we took Dad to Disneyland for an early birthday present. This is definitely a gift that keeps on giving because we have two more days on our tickets. Fun! Our day began with a truly unique tram ride. Naturally, we chose the shortest line, however it turned out to be the slowest tram I have ever been on. And I've been on quite a few. I could have walked faster than it was moving! Turns out it the engine was malfunctioning so we quickly transferred to another tram and finally made our way to the park. Once inside we bought our traditional edible treats on Main Street (dill pickle for Mother and I and a huge cookie for Dad) and hit the rides.

I loved the festive fixtures on the lamp posts.

Gotta love Tomorrowland.

The day wouldn't be complete without riding Star Tours...not once, but twice!
The picture isn't great, but I couldn't pass up the photo op with 3PO.

I hadn't been on Small World in years.

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