Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome to Dubuque, Iowa!

Greetings from the Midwest. I have truly been all over the US today. I started in Orange, CA, traveled to Fullerton, flew out of Ontario, had a layover in Dallas, then Chicago, and finally land at our final destination of Dubuque. I just watched Bridges of Madison County and I admit, part of me was hoping for a glimpse of Francesca Johnson's Iowa. The other part of me was hoping for modernity to have hit the area. I think I ended up with a mixture of the two, however, it is definitely more rural than Southern California.

My day began dark and early at 2:30 am! Yes, I really said 2:30. All in all, the traveling part was fairly smooth. We didn't have any delays and or lost luggage. We also had some funny mishaps throughout the day, however the funniest by far was at DFW. We had a short layover and decided to grab breakfast (after all, it was 9:00 our time) and then I had a hankering for a latte from Starbucks. So, down we went to buy one. The funny thing was neither Janet nor I looked at the time and were talking about touring the airport further. We honestly thought we had time to roam the expanse called DFW. As we walked by our gate we noticed people were standing in line and Janet had the presence of mind to ask what flight they were waiting for. Turns out our flight was boarding and they were past the individual groups and move on to general boarding!!! Yes, while our flight was boarding we were down at Starbucks buying me a mocha latte. To top it off, our plane pulled away from the gate about ten minutes after we boarded. We laughed over that one for a while. If we had missed our flight how in the world could we have explained that one away...

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