Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thought: A Lost Art

I love movies that make me think. I love movies that are entertaining and fun too, but movies that lead to continued discussion have the ability to influence our lives. A couple of nights ago Adam and I watched Lion for Lambs. Critically, the movie bombed and the ending was terrible, but I appreciated its message and honesty. Lions for Lambs centers around three separate story lines, one being between a politician and reporter. These characters engage in a political tennis match questioning each other and their professional foundations. In turn, they challenge the viewer's perception about journalism and the media. Today's society seems more interested in which celebrity is dating whom, who is having an affair, and Angelina Jolie's pregnancy. Whatever happened to 'real' journalism where we actually learn about world affairs or read intelligent editorials from people willing to critically and somewhat unbiasedly report on viable news stories?

What I took from this movie is a question of responsibility. Who is responsible for the state of journalistic affairs? Is the media providing this to the American people because we actually want it or because that is what they think we want? Furthermore, what can I do to make a difference and make a positive change in this area? What can I do as a citizen of the United States of America, and what can I do as a citizen of the world? It is so easy to talk, complain, or share opinions about the state of world affairs, but if I choose to sit back and do nothing, do I have the right to say anything at all?

It seems all I have done is ask questions...but, like I said, I like movies that make me think and encourage me to make a change in society. The question is how?


Adam said...

I agree. The film left me wanting to take action and get involved in positive change. The problem that I encountered is this: the film doesn't give any indication of how to do this. Now, I'm not suggesting that it turn into some kind of infomercial, but a little direction would have been helpful. It's like being all dressed up with no idea of where to go.

Christina said...

I think one area where we're seeing a lot of change these days is the Internet. Obviously, like any new technological development, it is only a tool that can be used for good or evil (like a lightsaber, jk). But we see some of the good in the blogging world. From intelligent people writing their own editorials to the people actually in the Middle East posting their own thoughts and pics of events happening around them in almost real time, we are able to hear more viewpoints and hopefully more accurate information. I'm tired of the near monopoly that AP has on the news. Blogging is just one way around this. :)

Unfortunately since I struggle just to keep up with my friends' blogs, I can't recommend any to you. But at least there's an area of hope for the future of journalism.