Saturday, August 30, 2014

for the love of books

Ever since I can remember I've been *that* person who reads several books simultaneously.  Sounds strange coming from a type-A, but it's so freeing to know I have more than one option and can choose the book that fits my current literary mood.  I mean let's face it, sometimes you feel like that meaty autobiography, and sometimes you just want mindless fluff!  And since I'm the kind of person who believes in finishing everything I start, whether or not I like it (and yes, to the one person wondering, this does include Great Expectations. I shall conquer it!), there have been a few books that have taken longer than others. (Alexandre Dumas' The Black Tulip comes to mind.  That one was seriously brutal.)  Fortunately for me, the current list much more palatable.  :-)

The Ashford Affair - 1920s/1999 historical fiction crossover and great to read on break!
And Furthermore - Judi Dench's autobiography 2.0
Living History - Hillary Clinton's autobiography

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