Monday, August 6, 2012

room redecoration update

Well...the room is painted. I'm still not entirely sold on the purple accent wall (actually, the official color is Cabernet), but for now it stays.  I had a moment yesterday where I seriously thought about repainting but the thought only lasted for a few minutes.  I've always wanted a striking accent wall and really do love darker colors. And that's what I got.  I think I just expected something a little less intense, and while it will take some serious getting used to, I've decided to embrace the change.  That's what this whole project was about, right?  To break out of my mold and do something different.  By the looks of things, I'd say I succeeded.

One thing I am extremely proud of are my new CD boxes.  My CDs have been unceremoniously stacked atop my CD holders for several years. It started with a mere few and quickly escalated to three disorganized, messy stacks. (it's not my fault I outgrew my space. I love music!)  I wasn't happy with any of the replacement options and decided to think outside the box.  Instead of buying a standard CD tower or equivalent I turned to the Container Store and found these stinkin cute white washed bins.  Granted, they were a little on the boring side, but I saw potential.  I wasn't exactly sure how to make them fit my new theme, but I knew I could make this work. And I did!  Etsy had some fabulous options for European stencils and coupled with a Martha Stewart set I found at Michaels (and the many paint samples I've purchased over the past few months) I spent two weeks stenciling the boxes.  I took my time, designed as I went, and adapted to what did/didn't work. I'll post pictures soon, but let's just say this DIY project turned out far better than I imagined, and I'm soooo happy with the result!

Now all that's left is to:

  • decide whether or not to hang my Pottery Barn ledge (seems I missed the return date so I'm stuck with it whether I hang it or not)
  • make a decision about which photos to frame (I'm fast realizing less is more in the interior decorating world so my original plan has taken a little turn)
  • choose which wall quotes to order (my aunt introduced me to my new favorite web site -- it's addicting for a quote addict like me!)
  • Take a deep break and reconsider tackling another multi layer project like this for a loooong while.  (did I mention I'm hoping to update our bathroom? :-) )

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