Wednesday, February 1, 2012

on life as it currently exists

Who knew that a day could begin at 9:30 pm. Depending on who's around and what kind of craziness ensued in the previous 15 hours of consciousness, this is often when *I* actually have time for myself. It's when I shake my head in amazement I've lived with clutter for this long and not driven myself crazy. It's when I head downstairs and attempt to tidy up, all the while creating more piles as I go. It's when I think about facing the dinner dishes (because I had to make both dinner AND dessert). It's when I shut myself off from the world and work (after all, a paycheck is somewhat necessary). It's when I try desperately to not fall asleep before midnight so I can actually accomplish something for the day. It's when I wonder if tomorrow will be a coffee day or if I can abstain from making my fast becoming regular visit through the Starbucks drive-thru. (when it's the only time one gets out of the house the drive thru can be quite therapeutic) It's when I'm grateful for another day of life and time spent with those I love.

And now it's time to actually do something those dishes. :-/

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