Thursday, August 4, 2011

piles, piles everywhere

It has begun. My humble abode is now exhibiting signs of pre-travel syndrome. In English: I have piles of everything imaginable scattered about my floor. You know, the things I absolutely cannot forget while away from home. Essential items like the all important camera charger, sunscreen, workout attire (yes, I actually hope to exercise while I'm gone), tripod, travel purse...and you get the picture. Then there's the wardrobe decisions. How exactly does one pack everything she needs to fulfill 8 days of work and play without taking too much? Work clothes in the morning, casual in the afternoon, and all requiring two pairs of shoes. And if you think I'm going to public transit my way around the greater Washington D.C. area in heels you've got another thing coming! (yup, means another pair of walking flip-flops. At least I'll look like a native.) Ah, the challenges of combining work and play. Fortunately, the shoe part should be fairly simple. I'm wearing a lot of black to work -- which means only one pair of shoes -- and flip-flops can be worn on travel days and sightseeing excursions. Am I good or what!

Where am I going you ask? Back to our nation's capitol for 5 days of work and 3 of play. I have 2 days to pull it together and figure out how to pack a 9 pound tripod in my suitcase. Should be fun.


Christina said...

My biggest fear when packing? Forgetting my cell phone charger!

LittleDreamer said...

I know! (although I forgot my camera charger in Vegas...)