Sunday, July 17, 2011

three reasons

We've already established my general disdain for most things math and science take me out of contention for the astronaut corps. However, the current (and final) shuttle mission illuminated three more reasons why I can't be an astronaut:

Reason #1: I simply cannot wake up that cheerful. Seconds after the wake-up call a crew member is expected to actually speak, and that would be somewhat impossible for me. (just ask my family or best friend...I croak first thing in the morning)

Reason #2: Spiders. I found out there are spiders aboard the ISS. I don't do spiders.

Reason #3: The wake-up music is WAY too cheerful for first thing in the morning. I need calm and somewhat peaceful NOT blaring and loud.

Unless these things change I won't be going into space anytime soon...


Mrs. Howard said...

What are the spiders for?!? ICK!!!

LittleDreamer said...

Apparently, they are part of an experiment. What if they got loose?!?

Adam said...

Love it.