Friday, August 6, 2010

TravelLog: Manhattan, NY

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, you read that right. For third time since November 2009 I am flying to New York City. However, this time instead of visiting my best friend (who, I'm happy to say, is back in my neck of the woods!!) and automatically having a place to stay, I became intimately acquainted with the majority of hotels located in Manhattan. And let me tell you, there are hundreds to choose from. You can imagine the fun I had. Anyway, I'm going with two friends, one of whom has never been to New York City. Should be oodles of fun introducing her to one of my favorite places.

What's on our agenda?

Sunday: Lady Liberty & Ellis Island

Monday: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Tuesday: Broadway musical!

Misc: I also want to finally visit Strawberry Fields, tour more of Central Park, and as an extra added treat, I must go back to the City Bakery to taste the world's best hot chocolate. Plus, there's the usual tourist hot spots: Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Flatiron building, Times Square (and Starbucks!), Chrystler Building, UN.....


Christina said...

Have fun and bring me goodies!

LittleDreamer said...

You got it!