Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two Days

Airplane time! On Tuesday I depart for our nations capital for a work related trip. Although much of our time will be spent indoors, my co-worker and I definitely plan on putting in some touristy time, including a nighttime monument tour. Can't wait!

Misc information about the trip:

1) Attending the Marine Corps Aviation Reconnaissance Association Reunion for the purprose of conducting oral history interviews with marines stationed at MCAS El Toro and put in face time for the project.
2) Interviewing a 4-star retired general (my first!) and current director of the National Air And Space Museum.
3) Interviewing aforementioned general at the National Air and Space Museum. Am I nervous? Nah! (don't believe a word of that)
4) Returning 10:30 Friday night so I'm back in SoCal for Seth's graduation. I will be awake on Saturday.
5) I made a point to watch Breach, All the President's Men, and the National Memorial Day Concert to ensure I'm in the D.C. mood by the time we land at Regean International.

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