Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lemony Sniket: A Series of Unfortunate Events

I’ve been trying to come up with a witty subject for this post, but since this title keeps coming to mind I decided to use it. Fortunately, it is perfectly appropriate. Let me begin by saying all worked out but the past two days have definitely been full of little unfortunate events. Shall we begin?

Thursday night: As I mentioned in my previous post us public history chicks were L.A. bound to see South Pacific. The initial plan was to meet on campus for a 4:30 departure. That would give us plenty of time to battle rush hour traffic, enjoy a leisurely dinner at CPK, and arrive well before the 8:00 show. Perfect plan, right? Wrong! As fate would have it Amanda had a job interview…in Santa Barbara…and at 4:30 was still in Long Beach. That’s a long way from Fullerton when one is moving at a snail’s pace. Nothing to panic about…yet. Five o’clock comes. Bethany arrives. Since Amanda hasn’t even crossed the Orange County border we quickly realize we will seriously be cutting it close if we plan on eating in L.A. A solution quickly presents itself. Instead of CPK, we’ll have ourselves a little picnic in the car. Bethany and head to Subway to buy a car friendly dinner and time ticks slowly by. Five forty-five. Six. Six fifteen. By now I am seriously thinking there is no way we will make it by 8:00 and the planner in me strongly dislikes the idea of arriving late. However, as Bethany kept reminding me, it was all about being together, and we should enjoy the adventure. Well, I’m happy to report Amanda arrived at 6:30, and miracle of miracles we arrived at the Ahmanson in ONE HOUR! I’ve been driving to L.A. for years and could probably count on one hand the number of times I made such good time. And that includes me taking us on a slight detour, aka, we might have gotten a little lost. But thanks to good ole Miss GPS we were back on track and arrived with time to spare.

Three and a half hours and one terrific show later we are now leaving the parking garage. Mind you, we made took this same route in February and had no trouble finding the freeway. Not so this time. All I wanted was the 101. The only signs around were for the 110. After heading the wrong direction and battling one way streets we finally found a freeway. A freeway going north not south. However, I didn’t have much choice in the matter because the street dead ended on the freeway. To top it off construction crews are out in force, and three lanes are closed. Will this never end! It took a while but after going through three tunnels and missing a couple of awkwardly coned off exits that turned out to indicate a path off the freeway we managed to exit and get on the 110 south. I was never so happy to see Exposition in my life.

Oh, South Pacific was totally worth it. Good thing!

Up next: My latest adventure in dog sitting…


Mrs. Howard said...

At least it makes for a fun story! :-)

LittleDreamer said...

That's what my friend said about the dog sitting situation. "At least we get a story out of it!"