Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day One: Getting to know you (or the house)

I successfully took Cooper on his first walk. (or should I say, he took me on a walk!) I didn’t get lost and was able to navigate the neighborhood so we actually arrived back at the house. The most complicated part was figuring out how the heck to put the leash on him. It may sound easy for some of you, but I’ve never walked a small dog before. Big dogs, no problem! Just clip the leash to the collar and off you go. Not this one! I think Cooper was getting rather impatient with me as I tried a variety of techniques before I figured out which one actually worked. It was pretty funny!

The big drawback…I Don’t Have any Internet!!! What am I going to do without internet at night for an ENTIRE WEEK!!! Help! For some reason my computer won’t recognize their wireless, and I’m still trying to troubleshoot the problem.

Here’s hoping I can find a solution soon or this is going to be one interesting week…

Update: Houston we have internet! Who-hoo!!!!


Christina said...

If you don't have internet, how did you post this?

LittleDreamer said...

Read the last line. :-) Wonder why it posted in such a strange font.