Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day Trip: Rodeo Drive

On Saturday my best friend and I hit Rodeo Drive. It was great fun, and we went in various shops (Dolce Gabbana was awesome!), took pictures, and generally enjoyed in the sights. Unfortunately, we also made a couple of mistakes...such as parking in the first garage we came to and being way overcharged. It made perfect sense. Instead of wasting time driving around looking for a decent rate only to realize we should have parked at option #1 we decided to save time and just do it. It took us less than 30 minutes to discover we shouldn't have been so hasty. Then, we did the same thing for lunch. We found a cute, but as we discoved later mediocre cafe and stopped to eat. If we had kept looking we could have found a more satisfying option. We did stop in Sprinkles cupcakes (after I left directions in the car) and had to guess at how to get there. (yes, I know we could have just asked someone, but that would have been far to easy) I couldn't recall the name of the street Sprinkles was on and vaguely remembered surrounding streets. So, I guessed at which way to go and ended up taking us the looooong way around. Our feet hurt so bad by the time we left! However, I am happy to report the cupcakes were delicious, particularly the dark chocolate. :-)

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