Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Bee, The Headless Driver, and Miss Universe

Otherwise known as a day in the life of Kira. I had four random things happen to me today:

1. The Bee: When I walked out to my car after work I discovered a dead bee and a leaf laying in the backseat. I've had leaves before but never a dead bee. I disposed of it as quickly as possible, namely brushing it out of my car and into the parking lot. Sorry bee.

2. The Headless Driver: Then, while I was driving home I got behind the world's slowest driver. I tell you we weren't even going 50 mph, and I couldn't change lanes because everyone else was zooming by. The funny part was I couldn't see the driver's head, and it looked like no one was in the drivers seat. When I finally got over I couldn't resist taking a peak, and sure enough it was a little, old lady hunched over the steering wheel with black sunglasses covering half her face! (Come on, it was pretty funny.)

3: Miss Universe: This morning at work I had to go up to the 5th floor, and on my way back to my office I ran into two of our custodians. Now, I am a firm believer in making friends with the custodial crew because you never know when you might find yourself locked out of your office or have the dehumidifier overflow and need their help. So, one man I've known for almost 3 years, and the other has been on our floor for about 10 months. The latter rarely says a word, and our morning coversations usually consist of me saying "Hi," and "Thank you," when he stops by to the empty the trashcan.

Rewind to 7:45 am and picture me staring at my closest trying to decide what to iron today. Girls, you'll understand when I say, I had nothing to wear! Nothing was making me happy, but I finally found a floral sundress with matching scarf I usually tie around my waist. I grabbed a brown suede jacket (in case the office was freezing like usual) and headed out. Back to this morning. I'm walking toward the stairs and Mr. Silent says, "Wow, you look like Miss Universe. You look so beautiful." I'm not sure what shocked me more, the fact he spoke to me or the fact he put two sentences together! It was really funny and gave me a much needed boost!

4. The Key: This isn't necessarily funny, but I got locked out of the office. I never, ever take my key to my Pilates class because someone is always there when I get back. Well, today this was not the case. Why did everyone decide to take their lunch break at the exact same time, I ask? Fortunately, there were familiar faces staffing the reference desk and I was able to get back in. The moral of the story: don't leave the office without your key.

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Your title is gold.