Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Traveler Returns

The world traveler has returned and is now battling the most common and unwanted byproduct of traversing time zones: jet lag. Granted, this is not exactly the most fun thing to endure, but all things considered, I would say it is a worthy price to pay. I was downloading my pictures and video at 5:30 this morning and as soon as I get them organized, I'll start posting updates and photo galleries. :-)

I must be more out of it than I thought because in my haste to post I forgot half of what I was going to say. Oops! That's where the blogger 'edit post' feature comes in handy. :-) I loved traveling and seeing new parts of the world, but there is nothing like coming home. And to be honest, I was surprised at the things I looked forward to the most, such as:

  • Milk! I didn't drink any while I was gone because I am rather particular about the kind of milk I drink. (as those who know me can attest) I prefer a specific brand (Alta Dena), 2%, gallon not half gallon carton, etc, etc. Even Starbucks coffee tasted funny with European milk. My first order of business once reaching American soil (after clearing customs with the rudest immigration official I have ever met) was to find the nearest Starbucks and enjoy real coffee. And then today I had a delicious glass of ice cold milk. Hmmm.
  • Free bathrooms. Okay, paying to use the "washroom" is a rather ridiculous system in my humble opinion. Granted, it does help use up accrued euro coins, however, I must prefer the American way. I mean, please, should I really be paying 1.50 euro in Venice?? Come on!
  • Peanut Butter. It was such a lovely thing to enjoy peanut butter on my toast this morning. I don't think I saw any while I was away. (and believe me, we hit plenty of rest stops)

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Mrs. Howard said...

It's so funny because jet lag is so an undesirable side-effect of traveling, but what an amazing problem to have! If ever there's a type of tired that I will happily endure, it's jetlag (and, of course, now I add pregnancy)! Congratulations on your new title of World Traveler!!! :-)