Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Well, my suitcase is packed, iPod updated and fully charged, books packed, last minute items in a semi-neat pile, and I think I'm ready as I'll ever be. As of 11:30 pm U.S. time I will be landing in Rome, Italy, for the beginning of a 12 day tour of Europe. Our flight departs from John Wayne at 6:45 am and our travels will take us to Rome, Venice, Lucerne, Paris, and London. Right now I am most excited about visiting Venice and Paris. Coffee in a Parisian sidewalk cafe certainly hits the spot...then again, so does shopping at Harrods, touring St. Paul's, admiring the beauty of Venice...

I'll be sure to post pictures and a synopsis of our trip upon my return. I must admit, part of me can't quite believe I'm actually going. Hopefully, it will hit me on the plane. Bon voyage!

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