Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Day in Julian

Wood flowers I bought to fill my bud vase.

Yesterday, some ladies from church went on a day trip to Julian, CA. Having never been there, I thought it would an interesting excursion. What was supposed to be a short day trip turned out to be a bit more than I expected. First, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of antique stores and crafty type shops, but Julian is an historic mining town and that aspect appealed to me. We split up into two groups, and our group had no trouble finding the little town. After a two hour and fifteen minute drive full of two-lane highways and multiple twists and turns, we arrived to find it was exactly what I had expected, a very quaint, little town with pretty much nothing to see. That in itself wasn't necessarily a bad thing provided we only stayed for a couple of hours, but the other car made a wrong turn and arrived four hours late! Aside from the annoyance of them getting lost, their detours affected us too because we decided to stay in Julian until they arrived. We went into every shop, checked out each restuarant menu, and walked up and down the street more than once. Now, mind you, there is one main drag about two blocks in length and a few shops off the main street. And that's it! By the time we left all of the merchandise was beginning to look the same. Eight hours later we got home, and I decided that one trip to Julian was enough for my lifetime!

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Mrs. Howard said...

Oh Goodness! Yep, I'd say once is enough!