Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another Busy Night

Okay. I know I'm no longer a student, but tonight has felt like I was back in the throes of the never-ending cycle of deadlines and tasks. Unfortunately, I hardly accomplished anything on my to-do list for last weekend. I did complete one page in my grad scrapbook, decided I need more plain paper, and finished editing an interview. Period, end of story. Oh, I also made a much-needed trip to South Coast Plaza to take my LV bag in for repair. :( While I planned on redeeming my somewhat unproductive weekend by tackling a 'weekend project' this evening, I had a slight change of plans.

What has me frantically working is another scrapbook. We are having a celebration this weekend honoring the Center's 40th anniversary. Simultaneously, we will be vetting long-time and newly retired director, Dr. Art Hansen, and I volunteered to help assemble his congratulatory scrapbook. That probably explains why I have taken over the floor next to me with paper, a wide variety of cards, letters, and photographs, rubber cement, scissors, stack of completed pages, and tiny pieces of paper littering my floor. Yikes! And to top it off, I need to finish it by Thursday! No pressure, right? :) I'm having a blast putting together the pages, however I have to continually remind myself I don't have a lot of time to get every minute detail perfect. Creativity is wonderful, as long as it does not exceed five minutes per page. (I have only half succeeded in adhering to this deadline.) So, by Thursday I should have a 98% completed scrapbook of at least 50 pages. (The remaining 2% is reserved for the stragglers who submit their contributions late.) Regardless of the outcome, I shall take comfort in the fact that I am not being graded on this!

P.S. I decided to not take a literal photograph of my organized mess. Instead, I found this one on line. Like the date and place, Jackie?!


Christina said...

"Creativity is wonderful, as long as it does not exceed 5 minutes per page."

This is one of your best lines ever. I was definitely laughing. :)

LittleDreamer said...

Glad you liked it!

Mrs. Howard said...

I love the subject of the photos! I also love that you are scrapbooking!!! :-) Sooo addicting!