Monday, June 23, 2014

what happens in vegas...doesn't stay there!

It has been a seriously busy week.  My family spent Father's Day in Las Vegas (my dad got a ridiculously amazing deal)  and stretched it into a mini 4 days/3 night sin city vacation.  Then on Thursday I met Hillary Clinton (okay, I use the word "met" loosely.  It was for approximately 10 seconds, but we said "Hi" and made eye contact -- more on that later), and Friday/Saturday I went back to work, finally caught up with my BFF, and fit in not one, but two theater productions.  First up: Vegas!

Overall, it was an enjoyable trip, and we made lots of great memories.  Going in I only wanted two things:
1) afternoon by the pool
2) spiked mocha at the Bouchon

Unfortunately, neither dream was fully realized. Our hotel kept closing its pool due to strong winds, and although we were allowed to use the pool at Treasure Island it turned out to be less than satisfactory.  So, I may not have read the afternoon away with a umbrella worthy drink in my hand, but we sure tried!  As for the mocha...the last time I had breakfast at the Bouchon the server surprised me by spiking my coffee. I assumed they did that for all coffee beverages and didn't say anything this time around. It seems that's not the norm...   :-(

Dad & I on Father's Day 
We celebrated Father's Day with dinner at Ottos Pizzeria at the Venetian.  My pasta was smothered in a butter sauce that would have sent my stomach into orbit so I think I only managed 2 or 3 bites.  Desperate times call desperate measures, and Dad and I had our "second dinner" a couple hours later at Cheesecake Factor.  Appetizers for all!

The little bro & I at the Bellagio.  I still find it hard to not have current pictures of Mother, 
but since I almost always wear my hummingbird necklace I suppose part of her is there in spirit. 

The boys & I!  What am I going to do with these two?!  
(and for the record, Mr. Beatles can whip up an awesome afternoon adult beverage...)

I love color!  And flowers! And carousels!  I found all three at the Wynn.  So beautiful.

More flowers at the Aria. 

I'm usually such a goody-two-shoes, but I broke my rule and took a picture of the 
Mystere stage at the end of the show. Everyone else was doing it...

We bought last minutes tickets for the 9:30 showing...perhaps not the best time for me because I was definitely fading by 10:30.

Awesome art show at the Bellagio featuring art painted by or of women.  (also 
confirmed I'm a total sucker for all things impressionist. I can seriously stare at those pieces for hours.) 



J Howard said...

I love that you said you are a "goody-two-shoes," because that is so me! If there's a rule, I follow it. It drives my I-don't-believe-in-rules husband INSANE. But if everyone else was doing it, I may have snuck a photo too! =)

LittleDreamer said...

Story of my life! I promise myself I'll take more risks but feel terrible when they involve actual rule breaking. What's a person to do?!