Thursday, November 14, 2013

meet charlie

This is Charlie.  We met him on chilly fall morning in New York City when we decided to enjoy breakfast in Central Park.  There we were seated on a park bench eating bagels and drinking coffee (well, two of us were enjoying coffee -- Dad had hot chocolate.) when we noticed a lady walking a very cute dog.  The next thing we knew, this little guy planted himself right in front of me and started making doe eyes at my bagel. Obviously, I'm not about to give human food to an unknown canine so the three of us made small talk and engaged in a rather one sided conversation with Charlie while his doggie mama made little to no attempt to move him along and continued her phone conversation right in front of us!  So there we are awkwardly trying not to eavesdrop on what was clearly a business call while Charlie watches us eat.  The woman apologized a couple of times and told the person on the other end of the phone that her dog was, "begging food from some people in the park," but she still didn't try to move him along.  When she eventually off the phone she apologized again and explained that while Charlie had eaten breakfast, food was his weakness.  Duh!!! I think he liked us because he still wouldn't move when his mama tugged on his leash and suggested they continue their walk.  You can tell who rules the roost in that household!

(Charlie & Mama eventually moved on and only made it to the next bench before the little canine found someone else with food.  What can I say, the guy thinks with his stomach!)

This is a not-so-flattering picture of us with Charlie

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