Friday, March 13, 2009

On the road again...

Doesn't it seem like I just returned from a trip? Three weeks ago I flew home from Europe, and Monday I embark on a three day road trip to Central California. I'm beginning to have that 'living out of a suitcase' feeling! Okay, okay, it's only three days!!! Anyway, I'm going on a another business trip and plan to interview four people who were stationed at MCAS El Toro. Although I threw everything together a bit last minute, I am excited because I'm going to spend Monday night with my aunt and uncle. I've also never been to Cambria, and though I'm going by myself, hopefully I can find something fun to do while I'm there. My itinerary is as follows:

Monday: Drive to Santa Barbara

Interview at 11:00

Drive to Santa Maria and stay the night

Tuesday: Interview x2 in Arroyo Grande

Drive to Cambria for the night

Wednesday: Interview in Cambria

Drive home (& pray for good traffic!! I get to drive through LA during rush hour...again)

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Christina said...

I love how you're getting to travel so much! Sounds like fun!