Saturday, January 26, 2008

Give me a word, any word...

So I'm sitting in my room hard at work on revising chapter one. My goal was to have a workable draft ready by last night for submission to my adviser. (3 weeks ahead of schedule I might add) We have family coming over this afternoon to celebrate Seth's birthday, and I have plenty to do before they arrive. Yet, here I sit going over my chapter...let me amend that, I am dissecting my chapter paragraph by paragraph, agonizing over whether or not I am adequately expressing my argument and if the word I am using encapsulates the essence of what I am trying to say. And I keep thinking there might be a better way to phrase this and why can't the thesaurus give me a better choice of words.

Now here's the really sad part: I'm only on page 3!!

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Christina said...

Oh dear, that's what I call detail-oriented! But if that's what it takes... :)