Thursday, December 20, 2007

Returning from exile

Well, hello again. I realized it’s been a couple of months since I’ve posted anything truly substantial. In retrospect, I can use this as a gauge to how busy my life has been. Busy!!! Not having time to post means I’ve been in academic exile for what feels like forever. But the hard work has paid off…Last Wednesday I successfully defended my thesis prospectus!!!! A lot of time and energy went into those twelve pages, and even though the real work begins now, I’m still excited it went so well. I was fully prepared to be challenged in certain areas and instead, the entire ordeal lasted less than forty-five minutes. In a way, the defense was invigorating and hopefully, my last one will be too.


Jackie said...

How long is your program? It sounds like it's going well - busy - but well. :-) I'm thinking good thoughts for you and hoping you can take a bit of a break over the hoildays!

Adam said...

Welcome back from exile. Did you bring me the contraband that I asked for?

Here's hoping you make more regular posts . . . maybe I shouldn't hold my breath.